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A new bike hire schemem has launched in Milton Keynes.  These particular bikes are electric motor-assisted bikes that are dockless and can be parked anywhere (as long as they are not breaking any laws or causing an obstruction).

You may have seen some green bikes in various locations around Milton Keynes recently, these are the new electric bikes that are available for you to hire and use as you wish.  They cost £1 to unlock them and then you pay 15p per minute of usage.

They are run by Lime and are not associated with the Santander Cyle Hire scheme which has been running in Milton Keynes since 2016.

Milton Keynes are the first town in UK to use the Lime-E cycles!

The Santander cycles cost £1 per 30 minutes, and unfortunately many were vandalised.  The Lime-E cycles will cost less to hire over longer periods and are also GPS tracked.

Santander cycles must be left at any docking station when you no longer wish to hire it.  The Lime-E cycle can be left anywhere ‘responsibly’ after use.  There are no docking stations for the Lime-E bikes in Milton Keynes.

If the battery is running low there is nowehere to charge it. So, just park it up and the Lime engineers will come and collect it.

Milton Keynes Cycle Hire

You will need to download their app first…. APP STORE LINK, GOOGLE PLAY LINK.

You can find out more about these bikes and how to use them on the Lime website.



  • Their maximum speed is 14.8 MPH.
  • They have a 250-Watt motor.
  • Suitable for people of any age (that can ride a bike) and fitness level.
  • You can find your nearest bike using their app.
  • They have anti-theft locks, alarms and are GPS tracked.



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