The Jubilee line trains are being refurbished at the moment, and some bits of the old trains are coming up for sale.

First up is a collection of door buttons — the one’s you never pushed to open the doors but were added anyway as people get weirded out about being inside trains with doors that don’t have buttons.

OK, even for a transport nerd, it’s a bit odd and you’ll probably need to explain what it is if buying one as a gift, but it’s a talking point to have on the mantelpiece, or converted into a working button for something in the house.

They’re also a bit of a bargain price, being just £10 each.

You can have a look here.

The London Transport Museum is also selling off other chunks of discarded Underground, albeit for rather higher prices.

There’s also usually sales at the Acton Depot weekends, and I personally was very tempted by the idea of buying a length of tube carriage door footplate to use on the front-door step at a future home I might possibly one day win enough money to own.

from IanVisits