Absinthe bar opening in Camden, London

In a move designed to keep Londoners in a hangover until 2019, a new absinthe experience opens in Camden this December.

A whole bar will be dedicated to the potent drink — otherwise known as Le Fee Verte, or the Green Fairy — with absinthe fountains on each table. When paired with the bold claim that “there are no rules”, what could possibly go wrong?

Seats take the form of church pews, and the decor is on art art deco theme, taking drinkers from absinthe’s history in bohemian Paris, right through to its current existence in 21st century London.

Brave drinkers will be able to drink absinthe in its purest form, while the more tame sensible can pick from a selection of cocktails. Several different absinthe brands will be available.

Anyone who’s indulged in the Green Fairy before will be grateful to know the bar is located beneath a new branch of Lost Boys pizza restaurant — it’s well worth lining your stomach before you head downstairs and start drinking.

Absinthe Experience takes place 14, 15, 16, 21 and 22 December in the basement at 245 Eversholt Street  (Mornington Crescent). Tickets are £25 and need to be booked in advance.

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