Three of Londonist’s most popular creations are now available to buy as prints.

1. Buy Fake Britain: A map of fictional locations

First published in November 2018, this chart of Fake Britain maps over 500 fictional locations from film, TV, novels, comics, folklore and video games.

Trace how Harry Potter might rub shoulders with James Bond. Imagine Mr Pickwick adventuring through the 100 Aker Wood. Postman Pat is but a ferry ride from forming the ultimate children’s TV crossover with Thomas the Tank Engine. It’s all here, from Pride and Prejudice to Poldark.

View the high-resolution map here, and order prints here.

2. Buy the Anglo-Saxon London map

Wemba Lea, Lambehitha, Crogdene… discover where London’s place names came from with our Anglo-Saxon London map.

No maps of the London area survive (if they ever existed) from the early medieval period. So we made one. Our map shows the rivers, roads, woods, hills and settlements that grew up around the Thames in the centuries before the Norman Conquest.

This hand-drawn map was created in 2011 and has since evolved to include suggestions from readers. A copy of the map is on permanent exhibition at Headstone Manor Museum, and it also features in our book, Londonist Mapped.

View the high-resolution map here, and order prints here.

3. Buy this family tree of London bollards

Have you ever stopped to consider London’s street bollards? They come in a bewildering variety of shapes and styles. Back in 2017, we put together a family tree of the commonest bollards, showing how one form might have evolved into another (all very tongue-in-cheek).

View the high-resolution chart here, and order prints here.

All three designs were created by Londonist Editor-at-Large Matt Brown (@mattfromlondon).

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