Photo: Robert Workman

What’s the sequence of events when you inadvertently become an internet meme? First you’re photographed while accidentally gate crashing a child’s funeral, wearing a pink rabbit onesie, complete with bunny ears. Next, to your horror, you go viral and start trending on the internet. Finally, you spark a trend where people emulate you and dress as rabbits and photobomb inappropriately sad situations. Unsurprisingly, it ends with you swigging vodka directly from the bottle while you recount a tale of woe.

Rose Heiney’s one-woman play is a brutal examination of loneliness and the pitfalls of the internet that will make you wince. She’s created a skilfully drawn depiction of a woman in free fall that’s raw yet vibrant and defiant. Importantly, it’s also absolutely hilarious, bristling with spiky one-liners and self-deprecating humour. Heiney has created a likeable character with something to say in a play that’s timely and refreshing but also eminently watchable.

Photo: Robert Workman

Kimberley Nixon suits the role perfectly, displaying superb comic timing, while the claustrophobic clutter of Louie Whitemore’s set is a perfect backdrop to the story. This is a rare treat and a fine example of a monologue that’s at the very top of the form and bang on the nose.

Original Death Rabbit, Jermyn Street Theatre, Jermyn Street, SW1Y 6ST. Tickets £30, until 9 February 2019.

from Londonist