Kids in Summer, Portobello Road

Kids splashing about during summer in a playground

There’s more to Notting Hill than the hordes of tourists that descend on the weekend. Portobello Road stretches from the area best known to outsiders for sharing its name with a Richard Curtis movie, down to Goldborne Road. As tired and generic as this sounds in London, the area has seen much gentrification in recent years. Despite this, the area still has a strong sense of community identity.

That’s what amateur photographer Lorenzo Grifantini set out to capture, in the part of London where he’s lived for ten years. He describes the series as an act of love, and his intent was to freeze in time the life and soul of an area which is changing quickly. Here is part of his series — see the rest over on his website.

Men walking through Portobello Market
Man in a van
Woman in hijab, Notting Hill
Key cutting van
Westway, Portobello Market
Woman applies lipstick, Portobello Road
Man pushes bicycle, Portobello Road
Kid in Halloween mask, Portobello Road
Lady sells wares, Portobello Market
Kids in skate park

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