Calling all Queen fans! If you want your Christmas shopping experience to be lit up with the iconic lyrics of one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most timeless classics, check out Carnaby Street pronto. In the run up to Christmas, you’ll find a neon homage to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody arching high above your head. Is this just fantasy? Nope, it’s real life, we promise.

Super-fans can also go one step further with a visit to Carnaby Street’s Bohemian Rhapsody pop-up shop, complete with costumes, photographs and prints from the band’s heyday. You’ll have to be quick though, it’s only around until 6 January 2019.

Carnaby Street is located in Soho, W1F 7QS and the Queen neon lights and pop-up shop are in place until early January 2019.

from Londonist