London. In a not-so-distant future. Shiny, isn’t it.

This glimpse into tomorrow’s world — just released by the City of London Corporation — shows the City skyline as it should appear in 2026.

At first glance, it’s exactly the same as the image released around this time last year. Namely this one:

But hang on a second — where’s the Gherkin gone? While there was a mere sliver of it in the original image…

…it’s now totally obscured by 100 Leadenhall Street. This tapering skyscraper — nicknamed ‘Cheesegrater 2’, is due to be topped out in 2026, at a height of 263.4 metres. That’ll make it the third tallest building in the Square Mile (after 22 Bishopsgate and 52 Lime Street aka the Scalpel).

The poor old Gherkin, meanwhile — once cock of the City Cluster — will be dwarfed out of existence, from this angle across the Thames, at least.

From the east — and particularly if you’ve got a helicopter — you’ll still be able to admire Norman Foster’s millenium-era glass-terpiece. That might be cold comfort to those who agree it’s effortlessly the best-looking 21st century building in the Square Mile.

While the future aesthetics of the City are more or less set in stone steel, two public consultations are open: The Transport Strategy (closes 13 January 2019) and The City Plan 2036 (closes 28 February).

Images © GMJ and City of London Corporation.

from Londonist