For a few days next month, it will be possible for ordinary folk to go into Parliament and have lunch in the dining halls of our political masters.

The week we mere mortals are permitted inside the hallowed dining hall is due to Parliament being in recess, so they’ve opened up the Palace of Westminster’s principal dining room, the Members’ Dining Room to us lot.

Unlike the prices paid by politicians, the prices we pay will be at the full rate — so lunch is £45, and dinner is £55 per person. Wine is extra, of course.

The prices are comparable to a relatively decent restaurant, but the venue makes it a bit special, so ideal for a memorable date, or night out.

Table reservations for up to 8 people, are available for lunch between 12:15pm and 2:15pm and for dinner between 6:30pm and 8:30pm. The Members’ Dining Room will be open to the public on 19th, 20th and 21st February.

Booking details here.

If dining, then collared shirts are preferred for gentlemen, with long trousers and shoes. Sportswear and trainers are not allowed in the dining rooms.

Members’ Dining Room (c) Parliament

from IanVisits